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1963 A&D YearBook

1963 YearBook contributed by
Rick Nicastro

  • Globalfox (Private)
    7 years 7 months ago
    These were the seniors when we juniors entered Theatre Arts....... I remember more than half the faces. Michael P was the cool one or at least thought he was and acted accordingly. A fun personality.
  • D (Private)
    8 years 9 months ago
    OMG!! my brother looks so cool!
  • 10 years 9 months ago
    Damn time sure does fly..great looking back at the old year books. I am sure mine is buried somewhere sort of lost track of it. I did very well in advertising made enough to retire at the ripe old age of 52. Thanks to those wonderful teachers that helped me along the way. Live in Connecticut now, sure is a long way from the south Bronx where I grew up.
  • Ron Coro (Private)
    13 years 2 months ago
    From A&D I attended SVA. Just out of SVA, I designed Album Covers for Columbia Records in NYC. In 1972 I was promoted to A.D. West Coast & moved to L.A. After 10 years at Columbia, I became head A.D at Elektra/Asylum Records. I designed Album Covers for 19 years and then switched to Movie Posters. I have 8 Grammy noms., for best album cover. I've worked with: Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Neil Diamond, etc. and many movie stars...at 60 years old, I'm now back in the record biz and....my career has been a dream. Michael Budnik, where are you?
  • 16 years ago
    Boy!Time certainly does fly! This is a very enjoyable site. It's great to see some old faces and remember some good times.I'm sorry I couldn't get to the reunion. Maybe next time.I,d like to hear from some other people who were in Chas.Allen's cartooning class.
  • Lee Taylor (Private)
    16 years 1 month ago
    Does anyone know anything about Marsha Gold? If so, please email me.
    Thanks, Lee Taylor
  • Toni Landis (Private)
    16 years 9 months ago
    Looking through the "63" yearbook brought back lost memories. I went on, to work as a textile designer, in New York and Los Angles. At 40 years old I left the world of design and completed college with a masters in marriage and family counseling and a doctorate in psychology. I now have my own psychological pratice in Keller, Texas. If anyone remembers me and wants to e-mail I would love to know what happened to you after A&D. Toni