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1953 SIA YearBook

1953 YearBook contributed by
Paulette Press Miller-Singer

  • 13 years 3 months ago
    Terrianne-You are AMAZING! What a grand job you've done! I love visiting the website, getting the latest news and wondering how you manage to get it all done. Bless you, my child!
  • gerda (Private)
    17 years 3 months ago
    Hey, Terrianne!
    You've done an outstanding job on this site!!!!Outstanding!!
    For some reason, though, when you click to enlarge an image on the yearbook, the wrong page comes up. I'm trying to circumvent this problem, but no success so far. Try it and see what you come up with.
    Thanks for everything....and the check is in the mail.
    Love, Gerda
  • PaulettePress (Private)
    17 years 9 months ago
    Hi Terriann,
    You did a great job on my yearbook. Thanks for all the hard work. It must be very tedious to do this. Also thanks for returning it so promptly.
    Kindest regards,