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06/10/08 - The Last Blast on the Terrace

Come join us and browse through photos taken on the last day on the terrace.


Good Times on the Terrace: Class of 1999 Reunites

Left to right: Abigail Montes, etc., Latanya Rojas, Chris De La Torre, Shantelle LLoyd, Abigail De Ville.

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Uploaded: July 03, 2008
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  • Walter Miller (Private)
    10 years 10 months ago
    Class of 1999!! We The Best!! The Last of the Great Ones. The Last of the Rebellious Ones!!! I could seriosly write a book about those 4 years in high school with these guys. There's nothing better than true Friendhip and that's what we REPRESENTED!!! The same Friends I had in Freasman Year, I had come Senior Year!! I was all over the city with these guys so much that people would confuse me with being from Brooklyn or Harlem and I'm from The Bronx. LOL. That's another reason why I love A&D. It intruduced me to the World. I say that because I got to meet and get to know alot of people from all defferent types of backgrounds. I was able to prepare myself for the world better that my peers from my neighborhood who went to local schools. Oh and if you don't think we are not the BEST, just look @ the turn out sheet. We have the highest attendance from any other attending class. Hey, Men Lie, Woman Lie but Numbers Don't!! LOL.