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1974 A&D YearBook

1974 YearBook contributed by
Richard Velez


1974 007

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Uploaded: August 19, 2003
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  • Karen Sharpe (Private)
    13 years 9 months ago
    I was supposed to be Class of '74 but circumstances happened so I didn't graduate. I heard something a couple of years back about Al Hollingsworth passing, and was wondering about my favorite bike riding cartooning teacher Tom Naegele. I dropped in on his class many years ago to find he was totally gray but just as charming as he was back in 74. His class was stunned by his embrace and attention to me and when they started making a little noise, he reprimanded them promptly. I said, 'hey, WE were worse than they are,' and he said "yeah but THEY don't need to know that!" He was my favorite teacher and even though I didn't graduate, I used what I learned in A&D to go into business for myself. I heard about the budget cuts; if you could contact as many of the past students as you can for an organized protest, perhaps the City will take notice.